this is an old song i wrote and recently found again. I think i might work on it maybe change the structure so that it isnt so simple so any ideas are appreciated, let me know what ya think.

Decline of an actor
well you want to hear my story?
theres nothing to tell apart from ive been through hell
but what can i say,
if it never happened i wouldnt be this way

and it all comes back now to the beginning
when i lost track
when i was wasting away
a year and a day since my first line

everyones got there roles learnt their lines
lets see how this unfolds
cuts and edits dont work quite so well
in real life you cant mute the yells

and im standing on the marker as the stage lights dim
i can already hear their laughter
it echoes in my brain
its a year and a day since the first night

the critics came and went
took there notes, told their jokes
the public eye it changed so fast
then it clicked, i werent built to last

then it hit me
i shouldnt of done it
i know now i can feel it in my stomach
but its a year and a day since my decline

sweaty palms white as a sheet
making no noise,ive run out of ploys
sirens outside there banging on the door
i hear the dogs bark, and i cant take no more

and today, my life comes crashing
down to the sound of thier bashing
a year and a day since they locked me away
the wheels went astray a scene dismay
the last thought of how i regret that first night
you cant help me now that ive seen the light
and all those who warned me against it they was right
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