well im thinking of gettin one of these amps.....
idk which one to get...

i have been hearing the vox is all about blues and rock

also have been hearing the Cube is all about metal....

i play
taking back sunday
hawthorne heights
all that remains

i lik to jus play some nice solos ans jus some chill music.

idk which one to get

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GO for Vox. I've tried both of them, and I always recommend the Vox. it's so much versatile, and it's got pretty sweet settings. You can customize your channel settings, and simulate other amps.
i havent tried vox so my opinion is not very proffesionnal. however i have tried the cube and in my opinion it was pretty good
I like vox but between those 2 I'd get the cube 30. The one I tried had a really nice sound.
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well i got an option. get off here and try a couple. thats really the only way to know. my suggestion would be the cube, but try them out. thats the only way to differentiate the tone.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

If you had to pick only between them, go for the Cube. There's nothing special about the Vox AD's, the cleans are decent that's about it.
^Hey, the AC15 and AC30TB models are killer, and they're not "clean!" Well, by Underoath, Chiodos, and Trivium standards they might be...

Here's a great idea, TS. Go to guitar center. Pull your guitar off the wall. Play both amps for 20 or 30 minutes. Decide with your ears. Just don't walk out with a Spider, and we'll all be proud of you.
well if you really want a metal sound or whatever go for the vox XL seriese those are even gannier than the advts but you could pull it off on a advt i have one and i dont see how they cant be good for metal or how the cube is bettor