Alright so my friend came over to show me his new amp, which he was really excited about. He ended up bringing over a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with a Marshall cab, really a step up from his 15 watt fender. Anyways we hooked it (plugged into when the cab said 4 ohms, and where the amp said 4 ohms). And we starting playing and after about 3 or 4 minutes his amp just shut off completely (no violent pops or anything). I mean it won't even turn on the on or standby light when you flick the switch. We thought it just blew a fuse or something, so we found a new one at radio shack, but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm wondering if maybe a power tube is bad or something? Does any one have any ideas on why this isn't working? Thanks.
did you replace the right fuse? also, it might be the tubes. did he get the amp new or used?
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Did you use an actual speaker cable or just what ever guitar cable you had laying around. If you used a guitar cable sorry about your luck he HAD a nice amp.
If the amp was bought new send it back and make them replace it.
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That really doesnt make sense, it sounds like you're outlet blew or you overloaded the outlet and the circuit breaker took care of things. It's very possible you bought the wrong fuse and the new fuse blew as soon as you turned the amp on. You might have used a regular 1/4" cable as opposed to a speaker cable.
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Yeah, you most likely used an incorrect cable or the fuse blew by the sounds of it.

Send it back to Mesa and get it inspected. I expect it could be one of those two things or that a tube is bad, but I doubt a tube would be bad.
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If it was a tube the lights would still come on and such just wouldnt work. But if you use a guitar cable for speaker cable it will work for a little while until it gets hot. Then it pretty much fries the amp. You can never have a tube amp on without a speaker hooked up. If its new and he sends it back they will know if it was run with the wrong cable. Could be worse there was a guy on here who did it to 2 amp in one night, said he thought the guy at the music store was ripping him off trying to sell him the more expensive speaker cable. Im sure the guy at the store is still laughing about it now.