I need some advice on what kind of strings I should buy. I play a Strat(check my sig) and I play classic/soft rock(Guns N' Roses, Foreigner), Metal(Rage Against Machine, korn, etc.), or just about any other type of rock (except really heavy stuff like death metal). I've been considering some Ernie Ball Heavy Top Skinny Bottom, but tell me what you guys think.
Some advice - when changing string gauge you (may) have to change the intonation and other aspects of the guitar set up.
personally i love DR strings, they are a little more expensive, but last a long time and sound great
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This may be the dumbest question ever, but what is inotation?

it just means that when you play a note, it sounds like its supposed to. If your intonation is out, the notes will be coming too sharp/flat. Sort of like tuning, but not.

I recommend ernie balls. I use slinkies, they're really good. Robust, for their size, and they feel great to bend and slide.
Brand of strings doesn't matter much at all. Most strings are D'Addario or rebranded D'Addarios, and nickel sounds like nickel sounds like nickel.

The only differences in strings out there is the guage, materials used, coatings, and price.

Skinny top heavy bottoms are a cool set. There are tons of brands that make the same guages, I'd go with the cheapest ones, or elixers.
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