Was wondering if anyone out there owns or has played this guitar.. I'm a pretty advanced player but mostly play metal. I love the emg pickup's and i don't feel spending over 400 for a guitar is really in my best interest. Let me know what u guys think cuz i might just go for the Rg5ex1 with the shark tooth inlays and Tremelo...
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ibanez are usually pretty good for metal

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If you don't want to spend to much on a guitar, it's best to stay away from tremolos, if you don't really want one. The locking trems on the cheaper Ibanez models aren't to durable (that goes for other brands too). Also, the "designed by EMG" pickups aren't the same as regular EMGs.

Anyway, if you consider yourself to be an advanced player, I'd say it would be in your best interest to get the best guitar you can possibly afford. But if you don't want to spend a lot, I'd say get an RG with a fixed bridge, like the RG2EX1.
i just think knowing how to play the guitar makes up for how much someone should spend on a guitar.. In my eyes being able to play well will make the guitar sound better.

I just think for 300 thats the best deal out there...
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