Hey, I am pretty much brand new to learning how to play guitar, right now im borrowing a friends electrical guitar, and im trying to play tabs on this site.

One song in particular i want to play very well is " Whole Wide World " by Wreckless Eric.

I put my fingers in the right spot, and strum down 8 times, then switch chords.. but i cant get it to sound like the song, like im having trouble with the rhythm..

Is there any advice you can give me on playing this song?
the strums are palm muted which means that you rest your palm lightly on the strings near the bridge

...also on the quieter parts in the song, just play the bottom two notes of the chord (assuming you're playing power chords
I love that song, and +1^ And on the chorus try playing along with the recording and hitting the strings to match the tambourine crashes. Maybe loosen up and relax when playing the chorus too, almost like you're lazily throwing your pick at the strings
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