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guitar playing
3 11%
1 4%
24 86%
Voters: 28.
wich part of kurt did you like the best his showmanship, guitar playing ,or lyrics.

in my opinion its his lyrics that put him in my top 5
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1. lyrics
2. showmanship
3. his own unique touch of everything (hard to explain, you can call this "character")
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well all the things you said i like about him he had his own way for everything i think the only thing is that is guitar playing sounds very similar to flipper
lyrics by far, anyone who says anything else doesnt listen to enough music. very good lyricist, TERRIBLE guitarist
I chose lyrics out of those three.

What I like best about Cobain was his drive or motivation. He had a pretty ****ty life and lots of problems, but he still kept rockin'...for a while at least.
lyrics....he beat EVH in top 100 guitarists or something from "rollingstone"...theyre idiots...
his guitar playing had simplicity in mind and it was fully intended (or at least thats what the producer of "Nevermind" said on some VH1 thing about the album).

he was just doing the old "simplicity is genius" type of thing. and he did it in a sloppy way just to have his own character in there. he was no virtuoso, but there are examples here and there of him doing some impressive licks, but not many.

basically... he wasnt an terrible guitarist like most people would believe. he just never wanted to look like a good one. and just after the 80's with all the showing off that was going on, it was probably his way of rebelling.
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i guess his lyrics. And rolling stone magazine are kissing his ass. (ranking him #12 on the 100 greatest guitatrist of ALL TIME). He was not a good guiatrist.
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^ in his genera he was, grunge isnt about being perfect.

kim thayill of soundgarden will, or would, own kurt anyday at guitar. So would Stone gossard and Mike McCready.
I like his guitar playing, even if it's not about being a great lead player.
i think ppl have blown the "legendary" kurt cobain outta proportions. i dont wanna bag on him, but i mean i dont think hes some super genius like all obsessed fans do. im still gonna say lyrics tho. cause other than that the music doenst have alot of content, jsut a style and lyrics.