I was at my local music store the other day and I saw a beautiful Hughes and Kettner Warp 7 2x12 combo just sitting there, being neglected, and the store owner wants $400 for it (I did a little research and found that a Warp 7 usually retails for close to $900). Currently I play through a Fender FM 212R 100 watt combo I got for $300. Would this upgrade be worth it?
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thats a good price ive just been looking at one on ebay and its 500 uk pounds so 400 dollars is good price never played one though
Ive read that it has really good cleans and is incredibly loud, and theres a demo of it on youtube with someone playing master of puppets, and the distortion sounds very good. Have you played it?

And it would have to better than a Fender FM212.