Written in 10 minutes.

late last night i looked out to see
and saw myself in those lights
if only i could swim i wish,
i could save my life
looking up i thought i'd fly
and then i could pack my bags
and say goodbye

but i stumble
i got up today
but i stumbled
i'll take your help
but i'll stumble
and i know that
i don't have time

I am your little toy, cut my legs and drive me far
I am your little toy, blame it on a trip to Mars
I am your little toy, your little toy so plain


my city's lights are afraid of me
but underground is where i am
able was i ere i saw elba
calling out for war
i uncovered the great's ghost
and laid down three or 4

Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...