Hi guys as you know its christmas coming up and my birthday is sooon and i REALLY want to record Me and my friends and maybe some of my freinds bands. Im not really on a budget upto 1000 pounds i am willing to save for

This is a list of stuff i have in mind

Cubase Se3

A new soundcard cause mine sucks balls

This Mixer

AKG C1000S condenser mic

Edirol 15 watt desktop monitors

And maybe a compresser

Thats all

also would i need an interface ?? and wot is an interface ??

is it all going to work properly and is there anything else you reccomend i buy ??

im sorry im so unknowladgeable im hopefully starting a national diploma in music tech next year when i leave school

Thankyou SO much dudes

peace and love
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...go though the sticky.

forget the mixer you are looking at and the sound card.

get a good interface to start with. most come with about 2 inputs which you can run at one time and so you'll be able to record two parts on separate tracks at the same time.

Everyone looks into studios now and sees a nice large desk with buttons and faders all over it and thinks its always a mixer when in reality its just a control surface used with an interface to help the recording and all go faster/easier.

Mixers are for live sound to get all the inputs down to a few outputs for the PA amps.
Your goal in recording is to get your tracks in but keep them all separate so you can edit each part later on down the road.

What I suggest you get:

FIREPOD firewire interface:

Shure SM57 and SM57 mics:

Maybe a condenser mic or two...

Monitors are good to have but you can also use some good quality headhones.


You can go with a firewire type mixer which is very useful. Have a look at this Mackie Onyx 1640 which has a port on the back for a firewire card:


Theres plenty of inputs on that mackie mixer setup and with a firewire interface built on it you will have a nice setup but you will need to get a good computer to run more than 4 inputs at a time with any interface.

Best thing to do is go smaller on the interface and only record a few parts of the band at a time which is what most studios do anyways.

more more info read the sticky as you need to know what interfaces and recording sound cards are. Also look though Tweaks guide in my sig.

Good luck.
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An audio interface is essentially the same thing as a sound card, but you usually hear the name "soundcard" being given to something that is used for playing back sound for games, music and films, and "audio interface" for something specifically designed for recording. They can both do both.

The soundcard you mentioned is fine, also have a look at the M-Audio 2496, or the firewire one moody mentioned. It'e either/or though, you don't need both. Bear in mind that if you buy one of the PCI interfaces you will need to buy preamps as well, whereas the firepod has preamps built in.