I've got a Zoom HD16 Multi-track recorder, and I'm experimenting with tweaking different aspects of the sound. Can someone explain to me what the EQ levels do? There are options to adjust EQ High, Med and Low, and I have tinkered with these options, but I think I could use them more effectively if I knew what they actually did.
Any help appreciated.

EDIT: I've just found out that I can change both the frequency and gain (or something measured in decibels) or each EQ option aswell. I know I sound like an idiot, but I have no idea...
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An EQ cuts or boosts the level of your audio at a certain frequency. So basically, it's allowing you to turn up or turn down certain frequencies in your audio. The Low Mid and High are refering to which frequencies are being adjusted. The low is adjusting the bassy sounds in your audio, the high is adjusting the bright sounds, and the mid is effecting the sounds in between (mids are the most audible frequencies to the human ear, so people tend to cut from this section, but it doesn't mean you have to)

I apologize if I worded it a bit confusingly, I'm not always the best at explaining.
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I apologize if I worded it a bit confusingly, I'm not always the best at explaining.

Thanks, I understand what you said, and that was kind of what I thought, but the thing about the human ear helped my understanding.
the important thing to remember with an eq is when adding technically your adding/boosting voltage of a signal (=adding noise) and it raises the overall volume of the track (ex- could mess with compressors) and adding things to the signal that dont exist. always try to make cuts in your signal to get your desired tones than goin through boosting a bunch of ****. < rookie mistake
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There's a little article here.

It explains how EQ works and lists the typical settings you'll want to apply to various instruments.

Don't take these guidelines as concrete though - they're another rookie mistake.
A little article where?
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