hey, if there's anybody out there from the south-east area of idaho (preferably near pocatello or malad) that wants to be in a band with me let me know. i'm having a really hard time finding people so i came to ug. positions open are: vocalist, drummer, bass, rhythm/lead guitar. the guitars will generally switch between lead and rhythm so it really doesn't matter which one you play. anyway, please let me know.
Hey, I live in pocatello, I'd be up for playing with you sometime. Let me know if you're interested. Lets IM or email sometime and set something up if you're still looking.
guitar or bass, better at guitar, but i use to slap alot (primus/flea kinda stuff) i could probably get back to bass if needed, but would probably be better as a second guitar player.
awesome. what kind of music do you play on guitar? i play mostly avenged sevenfold right now.
stuff like avenged sevenfold is cool with me, especially if its more like their first cd's.

mostly though I play almost anything, alot of stuff like rise against/alexisonfire/boysetsfire/comeback kid to stuff like modest mouse, and then i try to play stuff like soilwork/inflames/autumn offering a bit, but I can't play alot of their stuff yet.

my oldest brother played alot of metallica when i started learning guitar, so I've played most of metallicas riffs about a million times.
there's nothing wrong with metallica. i'm actually gearing up to start learning master of puppets. that stuff is cool too though. what part of pocatello do you live in? i live in malad so it wouldn't be too hard to get together and play a little bit.