A new recording of a song we've been working on for a while, not brilliant, has a bit of noise.

Anyway, we really need some feedback especially any advise on what bass or drum parts could work. It's crit for crit as always.

Just check it out on this myspace:
The Double Barrels Myspace
Too much gain = Ears in pain
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Pretty cool, i do agree needs some drums and bass, but if you could get those in there i bet it would be really cool. The vocals are pretty good not great. The lead guitar almost doesnt really fit during the chorus. Its kind of repetitive too, everything sounds pretty similar. I can imagine a distortion chorus in there, i think that would be pretty sweet, but then again, its a beautiful, quiet song, so you could just keep it that way too. Its a really good song. Pretty good riffs in there. I like it!

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The guitar sounds eerily like Goodnight Moon by Jack Ingram. It goes into the chorus. Pretty good. You've got a pretty good voice. I like when the guitar hits with the words 'lost and (then?) found)' Pretty good song. I dunno that you necessarily need bass or drums for this song like some are saying. It's pretty good. I liked it man, keep it up! ....Oh wait, that vocal double up, not a fan at the end. Just leave it as a single vocal track. but yea, good job

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Really pretty chords man! But the vocals sound a little processed...did you put any effects on it? I might pull back on the effects a bit.

Hey you know who you kinda sound like? Johnathan Rice. You should check him out. The voice and music and everything. Check out the song the acrobat, I think you'd really enjoy it.

Good voice by the way, always in tune, good tone, no complaints.

I like! Keep it up man
I really like the feel of this song. The vocals are decent I suppose, on pitch and everything but I think they could be cleaned up a bit. Like some of the others have said, the vocals do seem a bit overprocessed. The guitar work is good and it has a nice mood to it. However, by the end of the song it starts to get kind of boring. It definitely does need drums and bass to fix that. Nothing to complex, but just something to add a bit of variety. Even simple root notes on the bass and laid back drums would add a lot to the song.

So in the final version, add some drums + bass, and clean up the vocals slightly. This has the potential to be a great song. Keep working on it! I want to hear it when it's finalized.

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guitar riff was good, but you had some slipups, and way to much fret noises. the vocals were decent, but definately need fewer effects and such. i like the riffs once you get into it. really great job with creating the chill mood. one thing, your vocalist needs to try to sound more irish, because right now, he sounds like a nickleback ripoff.

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Sounds good, but yeah a full band with bass and drums would really make it so much better - in my opinion anyway. hard for me to suggest any specific bass advice without knowing what exactly you're looking for.. but like someone else said, for this kind of song.. even a simple bassline would work - even if it's mainly root notes, it would really boost the song. anyway, good luck, you guys sound great so with a full band it would definitely be awesome. also, thanks for the crit on mine.. later