Here's another one of my songs I have. Everything was recorded in about 1 hour so it's not the greatest but I don't have any more time at the moment to work on it. I would appreciate comments on things such as lyrics, chord progression, the solo(which doesn't sound too great), but keep in mind that the current mix and recording quality is not the final way it will be. It still needs a bass part which I have but haven't recorded as well as drums. At the moment I'm busy messing around with recording and figuring out how to get certain sounds etc. so hopefully I'll start getting the hang of it soon. BTW I'm not a big fan of my vocals but thats about as good as I can sing so what can you do, if you want to criticize them go ahead but I already know they suck.

Well here's the song link
I dont really like the sound of the guitar, i don't like the little mutes in between the chords. Its pretty good tho, i like the flow of the chorus. The vocals are not great... It's kinda boring too, it would be cool with maybe another guitar in the background, or maybe even a bass or drums! Very repetitive, not great, but definitely not bad.

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