I have about 15 user presets currently in my G-Dec. Here is one of my favorites.

David Gilmour Tone:
Amp: Tweed 1, Gain-6.5, Volume-9.5, Bass-4, Mids-5
Tim: None, Treble-5, Compressor- super, Noise Gate-off
Effects: Flange Delay, Level-3, Rate-1.5, Depth-9.9, Delay- 55, Feedback-2.9
Reverb- Large Plate, Level-2

If you want any more, PM me, I have a 9-page excel sheet of all kinds of presets.

Can you post some of your presets?

Does anyone else have any user presets on their G-DEC?
mine isn't anything special:
amp type: british 3
fx: tri chorus
fx lvl: 6.7
rate: 5.5
depth: 8.3
volume: 6.5
gain: 6.5
bass middle treble" 5.4
heres an almost 12 string setting, tweak it to where it sounds good for you
amp: acoustic
fx: pitch shift
pitch: 7.8 or so (twiddle this until the "waves go away on the low E string)
everything else the way you prefer

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