hey can i have some help. im not too good with the guitar , and i need some scales that i could practice every day, like some speed picking, tapping, strumming, (chord progressions) and just basic scales like major c but good ones
how new are you to the guitar? coz i would say look up your favourite songs on here first and learn them.
o no im not new to guitar ive just been playing but i havent really gotten anywhere so i need some scales to practice to make like my fingers more accurate and faster and stuff
you should first learn the pentatonic minor and major then move to the modes of the major scale. As for improving technique try chromatic exercises and alternate picking, practice both with a metronome. Start slowly enough that you can play cleanly without any mistakes. After a couple of weeks if you practice slowly with a metronome you speed will increase greatly. Kristofer Dahl has a good speed picking lesson on UG.