Is the type of pick you use important? If so, what's good, what's bad, etc?
personal preference bud. Experiment with different shapes/sizes and thicknesses and see what feels right to YOU.
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Yes, the type of pick you use is very important.
As far as what's good or bad, you have to decide for yourself. It's all personal preference really.
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^No, i disagree, i mean there are some things which are better suited to a harder pick etc, but its mainly personal preference.

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Well, most people I know use a heavy pick for solos and stuff. But I use the thinnest pick I can find for both solos and strumming. I like the unique sound of it.
Heavy Picks
In my opinion, none really
Feels like your breaking your strings when your strumming.
Really Light Picks
Awsome for strumming, make a nice clicking noise.
They don't get jammed inbetween strings whne your trying to do alternate picking.
In my opinion, NONE.

yes but the problem with playing fast with a thin pick is it gets flappy and its always a step behind youre hand. and when playing loud and heavy is important they break like crazy.
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what you need to do is try out loads of different picks of loads of different types. the main questions you need to ask yourself are;

thick, medium, or thin?
large, medium, or small?
gripped, regular, sharkfin, etc?

when you've tried out loads of different plectrums that between them satisfy all this criteria you should have a good idea what picks you like the most.
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A pick can actually make a severe difference in your tone as they all attack differently. You have to find a happy medium between comfort, durability and tone.
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