Hey guys I come here with a dilema, I have a acoustic guitar but I dont know how to play it -.-. Anyways heres my story:

I bought my Excel guitar for about 180 bucks december last year but I havent learned to play one song since then because I dont know where to start so any advise for a total guitar noob are welcomed =)) Also if you gona be using terminology making it noob friendly =p Anyways thanks for all upcomming advise =))
to start with i bought a book, learned some chords (only bout 7 or 8 of the easy 1s), learned basic major scale and i started just tryin to play easy songs.

if ur really that worried u cant start properly get a teacher if u can
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just find some easy tabs for acoustic songs.Are you new to the guitar or just acoustic? i think hey there delilah would be the easiest song to play on acoustic ever, so go for that, just to familiarise yourself with that.
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I sat down with my cousin for an hour and he taught me how to tune my guitar, what a fret was, how to play a chord, and taught me a riff. I think everyone should get one lesson or have one person SHOW them the really basic stuff. After that you can go off on your own (like I did) or get lessons like other people.
It all depends on how you learn best, what you want from guitar etc etc.
I would highly recommend that you at least go and find a friend/family member who plays just to show you the real basics, and teach you an easy riff or something to get you going. You really need to be shown. It can take no time at all to learn the real basic stuff if some SHOWS you and can answer your questions, if you read it, watch a video, ask about it in a forum.... well its hard to explain things a lot of the time you know?

After that by all means, buy a book or two, a video, search the web, whatever... After i spent an hour with my cousin i pretty much learned everything from the web and just by playing around by myself
The internet has just about everything you need, if you can find it. I started off by looking at guitar.about.com
I know the real basics like body parts, tunning, the scale musical alphabet, but yes i am new to GUITAR in general also i guess i can learn how to play plain white t's
if you guys think of anything else usefull your welcome to post but i got a bunch of good advise already =)
justinguitar.com I learned a lot from there, just go through his video lessons and you will learn basic chords. And dont give up the first week because you cant get the strings down. That is my advice
wow he seems like a great guy, a lot of lessons for all levels and all for free =) thanks a lot bud
I learned somewhat from a person who knew, but for learning chords and the like, really just studying a chord chart and learning chords is the best. The same with tab-print some out and learn it. For some of the finer points such as terms, you can read a book or something with it. I do suggest like they did, at least one lesson with someone. I play with a much more experienced player once a week for about 4-5 hours, and I learn more then than ever. This is a very good idea for learning. Good luck,
The first thing I learned how to do was to play a power chord. Probably the simplest thing to do on a guitar (barring playing a note of course). All you do is press the first fret on the lowest pitch E string down while pressing the 3rd fret of the A string down, and play both strings at the same time. You can move this finger formation almost anywhere across the fretboard (except for the G and B strings). The power chord is very popular in modern rock. Chances are your favorite band uses them.

Also, look through the UG catalogue of guitar tabs and find one for a song you like. Make sure its easy so you don't get in over your head. It's easy to get frustrated at this stage in the game. If you need help reading tab, look through the UG forums, I think there is a sticky or something concerning that.

Good luck!
i learned how to play the acoustic by myself from the internet. after time i got some lessons and learned how to pick, read tabs etc... my advice is to learn the basic chords: G,C,D, Am and Em. then strum a strumming pattern your comfortable playing and switch between the chords until ur half-decent then look for easy songs with those chords. not sure what kind of music you like but here's a few easy songs:

johnny cash- hurt
CCR- have you ever seen the rain
jimmy buffet- margaritaville
john denver-leaving on a jet plane
john denver- take me home country roads
johnny cash- God's gonna cut you down
ricky skaggs- cat's in the cradle (there's many versions of this song)
johnny cash- orange blossom special
nitty gritty dirt band- fishing in the dark

there's lots more i know but thats a start... take your time and have fun!!! its great fun once you learn the basics and can play a song.
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