ok is it wierd or is it impressive that my first solo i learnt 3 years ago was the whole trooper solo cause a guitarist is sposed to gradually do harder stuff but i threw myself in the deep end and it seemed to work ok the solo wasn't perfect but i had the blueprints then i just built on it.

also my mate has been playing nearly the same time as me but he irritates me that he plays great solos that are complex but hasn't took the time to perfect his bends. e.g. he bends and then cuts the bend out half way through on a bend that is supossed to bend up then releases after bringing down the bend but meh oh well thas his problem
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Thats great for you, tell your friend that there taking short-cuts, which will get them no where.
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it's impressive you learned so quickly.....but wierd that you're posting about how much better you are than your friend
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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.....Thats great for you......if you want a clap for your rant about your friends bending and how much better you are...here it is ....*clap* you just got the clap for bragging and what is your point of making this thread too?
i kno a guy who is like that, he dove straight into crazy train. however after he learned it, he realized taht he sucked. i mean hes not that bad but hes rly...eh, jerky? but now hes working on that and getting better.

my opinion, learn guitar, help others, and dont ever but people down. the point of guitar is to bring joy to yourself. if your not doing that then there is no point. idc how much money you make
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its kinda the same for me, my very first song I learned all the way through was Pantera's Domination, solo and all, i started learning it like 3 months after i started playing, i pretyy much have it now and ive been playing for 11 months .
This thread is pointless.

Since I'm posting though, I'll just say good job, you're incredibly gifted because you learned a "really hard" solo first without gradually working up to it. And yeah, your friend sucks; you're way better than him. (I figured I might as well type what you were hoping to hear.)
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