C2? thats not really proper notation where did you see that? i'm assuming it means 9 and someone just wrote it wrong. what context is that chord written in?
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I'm fairly sure it means Cadd9......R 3 5 9
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I think he is talking about sus2.

The formula is 1 2 5.

Easiest chord to analyse this is D major.

Play the thin E as an open string and that is E (your sus2)

Fret the 2nd fret (F#), that is your major (D)

Fret the thrid fret (G) and that is your sus4 (Dsus4)

The scale to use is: D E F# G A B C# D

As you can see, the E is the 2.
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If the 2 is representing a 9, then it would be a C9 chord, which is R 3 5 b7 9
dominant ninth chord

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thanks guys. ive actually seen it on a few tab sites. i didnt think it was proper notation.
It depends, ive also seen it where it means a diad of C and D
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C2 implies the scale tones 1 2 3 and 5. If it were C9, the b7 would be implied. In the key of C (mixolydian if you will), a D is called the second unless a Bb is present, then it is the ninth. The presence of a 7th tells whether the 2 is a 2 or a 9.

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