i am from australia and i am going to america for x-mas i was looking at tbuying an american start from guitar center and they are 950. my question is does that include tax and if not how much is tax. i would be buying it from california
wikipedia says sales tax in CA is 7.25%...so it'd be about $70 or so.

also, Guitar Center is really flexible with their prices. You should try haggling with them, if the guitar is scratched or was a demo model, ask for a discount. They'll do anything to sell you a guitar. It's worth a shot.
Almost every experience I've had at guitar center, I've named my own price. Now obviously you can't get a guitar that costs a grand for 30 bucks, but you can definitely talk those guys down. I usually just go in and if one of the employees tries to sink his teeth into my wallet I say flat out I have "x" amount of dollars.

Last time I was there I got a vintage pedal they were asking $120 for $35 b/c I heard them talking about how they just wanted to get rid of it. It's the greatest pedal I've ever owned.

Good luck, and don't let those guys take you for a sucker!
^Cali GC (at least the one's round here) don't haggle much with the price..they instead tend to add cases, guitar strings, cords, or other perks like that. but then again i'v never spend $1000 in a GC so you might get lucky.
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dam right theylll do anything they would probly run around naked outside in the winter screaming im pretty if u promised to buy a guitar
Tell them you can spare $900 with tax included.
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