Who's played this game? I beat it a couple of days ago and I thought it was really cool until the ending. In a way, I felt ripped off.

Manhunt 2 is lame. Manhunt 1 was about killing people in awesome ways, but since Rockstar got so much crap for Manhunt 1 being too crazy, Manhunt 2 turned more into of a shooting game than an actual killing game. Besides that, when there are killing scenes, the screen goes into all of these different colors. Although I liked using the nightstick. I refer to it as being "Rodney King'ed."

I actually like Manhunt 2. I don't think the filter is all that bad really, you can still tell what's going on, it's just not so blatant. I did notice that partway through it turns more into a shooting game, like you mentioned, and I was a little let down by it. I'm not done with the game yet, so hopefully it'll go back to more stealth.

I have yet to play Jericho, but I really really want to. My 360 is at home with my brother while I'm at college, so maybe I'll rent it when I come back for Christmas Break. That is, if I'm not too busy playing Mass Effect...
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You know a music scene is fucked up when it becomes difficult to keep track of who killed who, who committed suicide and who alledgedly engaged in cannibalism.

IT got banned in this country for being savagely violent, even the newer, updated version for being a game full of "prolonged, unrelenting and sick violence". It must still be pretty fucked up.

Stupid censors.