How exactly do you connect a SM57 to your computer if your sound card doesn't support XLR connection? What cables and adapters do I need so it won't ruin the sound?
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You'll need a preamp if you go into the line in and your mic port wont do any good for the SM57 because the sound cards on board preamp is really cheap.

you'll need these two items
XLR - Stereo Phone:

stereo 1/4" - 1/8" phone:

The SM57 and SM58 mics don't come with cable so you'll need an XLR cable. Since you are only working around a computer you wont need any more than 20 foot.


Support the cables at your computer or you'll break the connector port on the sound card.
Your mic is going to sound like a cheap $15 mic while using it with a sound card like this...

for a proper setup go to "Riffs & Recording".
It's best to use an interface like the Line6 Toneport UX1 or UX2 for recording as it will be a huge difference from using your computer's stock sound card.
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