too close to call! i personally like Peavey, but SWR gets some good reports.
i vote Peavey, only for the fact, both have decent reputations, but Peavey's been doing it longer.
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I've heard some great things about the Tours and about the SWR. If at all possible I would go to a store and try them both out before buying either of them.

They're both used, so I can try them out anyway.
I heard the horns in SWR stuff are the best for hi-fi, but the Tour series cab are possible to be lifted one-handed. How often can you say that about a 410?
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I've never played SWRs, but supposively Goliath's are the best cabs out there.
I'm basing this on reviews I've read, not on any personal or second-hand experiences.
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I own two SWR Amps, the 550X head, and a working man's 10 combo. They have a very warm tone, and so does the Goliath Cabs. I personally think they are the best things on the market, I highly recommend the Goliath III Cab 410. It's my next bass purchase. However it comes in an 8 ohm and a 4 ohm version, you'll want to find out which one he's selling, to make sure it matches your head.

On the other hand, I've never played on that Peavey Tour cab. So I can't fairly compare the two, but judging by every other Peavey amp I've played, it's going to be pretty good.
I've just sent out emails asking about impedance. I have the misfortune of owning a head that runs on 4 or 2 ohms instead of 4 or 8 (it's a Peavey Mark VI), so I could be screwed if both are 8. Or, only one could be 8 and thus knock off one of the options, making my choice easier.

I think I might go with the SWR, if it works with my head.
I've play a SWR. It was sounding great. Had a lot more bottem end then the Peavey amp I used to own.
Well, the SWR is out. It's an 8 ohm cab.

Still waiting to hear what the impedance on the Peavey is.