So tomorrow i am planning to embark on a Journey to purchase a starter Upright bass.
I am doing this in person, not on the internet but I was wondering if any of yall have any sugestions on what to ask and what to try out when I go shopping?
Thanks in advance.
say 'lemme try that thing'. If you have trouble with fretless basses though, you might have some trouble learning. consider electric uprights though- ugly but portable.
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electric uprights are no representation of a real double bass apart from the orientation of the thing.

Hire a double or buy a cheap second hand jobbie
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Well, if your looking at a starter, I would say rent one from a music store first, that way if you don't like it (Which is next to impossible) you haven't blown $1500. I would say look for a second hand one. That's going to be your best bet with price breaks. If you can get it you want a solid (Insert wood here) top. Although I've only seen spruce, I don't know a lot about upright variety. So that's my two cents.

As for pickup lines, I know none for uprights, but if there's a nice looking sale rep try, "Hey baby, wanna come back to my place for some sex and pizza. Oh you don't like pizza?"

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I would say just play around a little bit. Your ear should be good enough where you can start to understand what each of the notes are. It's like an electric bass but simpler, as far as trying out goes. You just need to listen to the sound, and how it feels, no electronics to worry about replacing etc.