To anyone who has seen Van Halen on their reunion tour, do you think they are any good? I was considering going to a show next year but i wanted to make sure it would be worth it before i bought tickets. I did use the search bar by the way. Thanks
i saw them live and it was one of the most amazing shows i have ever seen! right behind dream theater but in front of korn

daves voice is right on track, eddies guitar playing is orgasmic
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they were amazing! if your thinking about it and have the money and are a van halen fan definately go u won't regret it.
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I heard on the radio that they did a concert in philly about two weeks ago, and dlr's voice was way off on 'jump'. I bet they're gettin too old. but i heard evh still had it, and wvh great. i wanna see em anyway.