someone should make a thread specifically for sweeping, like explaining it in the first post and then people could ask questions in that thread, and sticky it... because it seems like every time I come in here there are at least 3 threads on the first page about sweeping

anyone up for it?
thanks for contributing to the various other threads about sweeping. Maybe you should have put it in one of the many other threads about sweeping, instead of being a hypocrit and making yet another.
- Play it from your heart, to the tips of your fingers

words cannot express my feelings for your hypocrisy

maybe a smiley can help me out
If you can play music with enthusiasm and an honest effort, then no matter how flawed, noisy and unclean the music is, you are a musician. If you play just to be the best, you are not a musician, nor are you worthy of any musician's recognition. - me
I made a thread on sweeping ages ago. I dont know if its still floating around and I cant be bothered to look for it.


Oh its in my sig


I knew that

Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!