i got a guitar from my grandfather and it sounds good but it is very hard to tune it
(turn the keys)
Any suggestions on how to fix it
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Can you see the gears of the tuning machines(some are enclosed)? If so, you can try spraying with a tiny bit of WD-40.
No, never use WD40 on a guitar.

Too messy, use some light oil like 3 in 1, you can put it where you want it and not spray it all over your guitar. Closed back tuners can be oiled as well, and should be, just put a drop on the string peg and let it drip into the tuner. One drop should be all you need, wait a day or two and if it's still stuff, add another drop. Just don't use to omuch, a little oil is good, a lot is NOT great...one drop at a time, wait a day or two and work the tuners a little right after oiling. I use a toothpick, small screwdriver or a cutoff from a string change to drip just a small drop wherever I want it.
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