hi everybody! i have been playing for like 2 years and i wanted to change somethings in my acoustic guitar. Recently, i have changed the strings, but i decided to change the gauge of them, from D'addario .10 to ernie ball .9 , well the thing is that i put electric guitar strings on a acoustic. I asked the guy who sells the strings and told me that what i did may damage then guitar neck, should i leave the strings there or changed to another gauge proper for acoust? plz hlp me ^^ thanx
Yeah I doubt you're doing any damage to your guitar, but it probably will sound like crap. Acoustic guitars need the heavier strings to get the wood vibrating. They aren't like electric guitars. String gauge really affects tone alot for most guitars. I don't even like using 10s honestly. 12s are about the lightest I would go on a 6 string guitar.