Are they good enough for band practice? Can they handle death metal vocals? Do they give off extra noise and feedback? I dont know much about mics but I can get 3 for 25 bucks at musiciansfriend and I don't want to go all out right now on equipment....

ALSO, IMPORTANT! Can you plug in the mic to a guitar amp? Will it sound normal?
I would not run them into a guitar amp plus they are XLR leads so it won't even work with it...Even if you got the adapters it would not sound good at all. Get a PA setup or a small mixer and a Behringer KX1200 amp or two and run the mics on that.

The mics are cheap but good enough for practice but may clip easily so loud vocals which you plan on doing may not work out too well...

For a price like that it's hard to refuse but it's always best to get good gear from the start like Shure SM57 and SM58 mics.

If you do go with the mic pack be aware that you'll need some XLR cables which don't come with that deal. Spending extra on the cables is important IMO.
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Those mics are terrible. I bought them a few years ago just for something extra to have. They now sit in the bottom of my "music junk drawer". moody07747 was right about the Shures... buy as many SM57s and SM58s as you can afford. You'll thank me later. The only thing I don't like that Shure makes are their drum set mics.
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