Seriously we need help with entertaining visually rather than aurally(?). Our band needs help with stage performance, we're a hard rock band i guess you could say.

We make originals and we're pretty comfortable with what we play live. I guess we just need to know how to move around on stage. I know it sounds really stupid but help please? any tips?
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practice until you can play your songs blindly then run around like an idiot onstage it always works for me
well, you should watch Jimmy Page. He had some pretty cool moves along with Zep in general. Slash jumped around quite a bit. I think you want to overcome fear and nervousness and just get out there and give 110%. Make the audience feel involved. Maybe get some lights or something.
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thanks for the advice any more tips? I think that we're still trying to get comfortable with each other and the audience
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Stare at her intensively, with your hand on your crotch.
The best thing I can tell is to watch what other bands do live and check out some live videos on YouTube. Please no more hand clapping.
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Just rock out. Move with the music, move around stage, give some screams.
i agree, check out your influences on youtube. it depends on the style. obviously thrashing on stage will not work for some genres. work the crowd man. i was in a hardcore band for a while and it was fun because since i was comfortable with the guitar parts, i could spin my guitar around my neck, headbang like an idiot, and jump on my other guitar player without sacrificing sound. for hard rock check out some story of the year clips, those guys put on insane shows.
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Don't think about it, just enjoy the music. Do what you would do if you were in the crowd, or what you want the crowd to do. Head bang, dance around, whatever.

And, please, talk to the audience, at least a little bit. If you dont' enjoy it, you dont' have to do it between every song, but atleast say something every now and again. I went to a show the other night, and the opening band played a decent set...but they barely addressed the crowd. Let the crowd know you know they exist, you know?
Watch Blink 182 big day out australia 2000 for some cool moves or watch other bands live and see how the crowd reacts to them.
Look like you're actually enjoying yourself but don't look like a prick when you're dancing. Like Dutch_Apples said: "Please no more hand clapping ."
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I've seen a band run around at this bar, it was an outside gig, they just ran up to people, got headbanged with 'em, got some of 'em to pay attention to the music instead of just getting drunk. They had a wireless system though:p

It was battery, a metalica tribute band, supposedly the best, they let people in the audience play songs with them if they knew how to play. At the time i was new to guitar.
Let's start with the basics. Move your feet until they are shoulder-width apart. Keep this stance, and move your upper body back and forth. Now try moving the neck of your guitar up, down, forward, backward, etc. There's an entire range of motion that can be had with just the stage-straddling rock stance.

Keep eye contact with the audience - they're looking at you, so have some confidence and look at them. You'll connect with them better, and hell, maybe the chick you're looking and winking at will take her top off.
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My band had that problem, we're starting to grow out of it though. Start off by exaggerating your moves, whatever you do, be it headbanging, rockin to the music, swaying (lol not a fan, but example lol) jumping, doesn't matter. You have to EXAGGERATE it, because half the time, when you feel like you're doing alot, you actually are only doing very little. (I realized this when we taped our last few shows, which is also a good idea).

Interacting with the audience is also a great way to improve stage presence (not in the sense you are talking about i'm sure, but it will improve your overall).

Alot of the times it depends on things. Like stage size (small->rock out in your own space, big->rock out in a big circle or across the stage or somethin), and if the band has wireless guitar packs. I'm not really a huge fan of guitarist going out into the crowd and playing directly in front of people. Unless they really dig you, it's sometimes awkward. I saw one show where this bass player ran around the whole place (there wasn't hardly but 15 people in there, and it was a big place), and got up on the bar and played bass. That was REALLY retarded haha.

But yea, overall, just learn to rock out hard in your own space, then expand the space you are rockin in. Be sure to communicate with your bandmates, and if you go to the other side of the stage, go back the same way you came. If you cross cables with a guy, it's gonna look really stupid when you are stuck together. Switching spots with other bandmates works, just for a little bit, half of the song, or the whole song. Doesn't matter. You just have to let the feel of the music take you, exaggerate it, and act like you are the coolest mother f&&cker out there, and the only one out there. Don't worry about what everyone else may think of what you do, because hell, you're in a rock band. What are they gonna do, boo you for your stage presence? I don't think so. (unless you break something, haha DON"T do that) Knocking over mike stands and other stuff just makes you look like an idiot. NO BUENO hahaha.

Hope that helps....
I've always wanted to see an entire band move like flea on stage with extremely exaggerated body movements, you guys should do that.
Just enjoy playing the music..let it come naturally. Don't plan out your moves like a certain group of jackasses who will remain unnamed in this post. Just play more shows, and it should come naturally. I doubt you'll still be standing there like statues looking down at your instruments as you play after about 10 shows or so.
I hate to say it, but sometimes playing the music is secondary to performance. I've seen vids where the Bodom guitarists just slapped each other in the middle of a song and miss a few notes because of it, but pop right back into the groove after that. Last show I played, I missed a beat or so (could hardly hear my anyways, bassist in a death metal band) to ruffle the guitarist's hair after he played a part that I know he has trouble with and so he was staring at his guitar while he did it, just to make the whole band have a more natural and friendly feel. Call out a change in the song with exaggerated gestures, like the silly School of Rock "Raise the goblet of rock!" thing. Just don't worry too much. Everybody look silly onstage the first few times and it's not worth trying to fight, so just suck up your embarrassment and rock out.
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Flea is always funny to watch I reckon, kinda hops about on the spot sometimes. Don't go too extreme and smash/burn your guitar or you'll look like a twat.
During a solo, make funny faces, put guitar behind head. During pauses where you stop playing, but drums keep going, do a little break dance. Enjoy the music. Move around!
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