So I was trying to get some info on floyd roses before I decided to buy a guitar with one, so I looked on the floyd rose website and it said that if I wanted to tune down or change the gauge of string that I'm using then I would have to adjust the bridge to level it out with the top of the guitar, and I was just wondering if 1) is that just the manufacturer being picky or is that serious? 2)if so, is the difference noticeable and 3) is that true for all tremolos anyway?
Sorry for how much a noob I am lol.
1) Yeah you have to.
2) The difference between what? It won't work properly if it isn't level.
3) Just for floating ones.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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Thanks that's helpful, but now I'm confused because I don't know what floating means.

its like "floating", there is a cavity in the back where all the springs are which is what keeps it "floating" (its not really drilled onto the body), its the spring tension that keeps the bridge up. (so its "floating")
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It means that their is constant balance between the strings and the springs.
It Floats.
If you change to heavyer strings, It will pull the trem harder and you will have to adjust it.

Here is my advice.
Dont get one unless you know of a GOOD luthier (guitar repairman) that has Good experience with Floyds. make sure and talk to someone who has had there floyd worked on by that luthier. I have paid for setups ($50-$150) by 3 different luthiers before I found one that actually knew what he was doing.

and then learn to change the strings one at a time.
and have a Tremel-no installed.
K that makes sense, it seems like using a floating bridge would be more trouble than its worth because I'm looking it up on from some other sources and stuff and what they keep saying is that if you just want to drop it the whole thing goes out of tune and you have to retune all of the strings. Also if I wanted to tune down to play some Pantera song with some rediculous tuning like C# would I have to do the same thing as if I was using a different gauge?

edit: ^^Yeah I was seriously reconsidering buying one after I got all this information, thanks though.