Boss GT-8 for Electro Harmonix Metal Muff w/ top boost and EQ(the big muff) and a GOOD delay, graphic eq, and chorus pedal ie, Boss, EH, MXR. Boss is in GREAT shape, comes with manual. Works excellent, just trying to simplify my setup. The GT-8 has way too much stuff in it that I never use. Prefer someone in local area (within 200 miles) so we can meet up in person, but will consider shipping if we can agree on terms, tracking numbers etc.
Crate XT120R w/Eminence Texas Heat speakers
Randall V2 Head(stolen)
Randall 2x 12 1x15 cab(stolen)
LTD EC500 w/Rockfield SWC's(emg sux)(stolen)
Jackson KVX10 King V w/Rockfield Fatass/Mafia P'ups(stolen)
M100FM(ESP/LTD); Rockfield Fatass p'ups