Ok i've been toying around with this idea for a long time.

But since i have a tele now i need a shred guitar haha.

So i was thinking about using this site


I was just wondering if it was really worth doing this since it would be my first real guitar mod, and if it would even be possible.

And if it is possible and all could someone give me any tips or anything?
1 Tip) Don't bother wasting your time on it, that guitar honestly isn't the best in the world. And that is a heavy mod for a first timer. Just save your pennies and buy a hardtail.
ehh i just bought this tele.

i'm regretting it sort of now. but i just love clean blues and paul gilbert shred haha.

so why is it not worth it?
I think he means that it's more effort then the guitar's worth.

and if I remember correctly Ibanez has some pretty good hardtails under $400
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yeah the RG2EX1 is only like 299 or something

but still i just payed like 370 for this new tele. =/

why is the guitar so terrible? is it the agathis body?
Okay well fine I'll walk you through it. A hard-tail bridge will run you about 50 bucks for a Gotoh from Stewmac (less shipping), You need to buy wood, glue, sandpaper, wood filler, sealer, primer, paint. Essentially, refinish the entire guitar to make it look like it was made a hard-tail. Buy string ferrules, if the body is a string through.... At this point I'm guesstimating that the cost at this point would be around 100-120 bucks. Add to this the cost of new pickups, pots, this is another 170 dollars (modestly priced). You might as well pick up some locking tuners, (Schaller's run you about 90 NEW) for better, faster tuning.) At this point you are at 350 dollars just in upgrades. Add this to your 200 dollar guitar, you are at 550 dollars..... This is equivalent to the cost of an Ibanez SZ720FM... (go to music123.com for prices)... Do what the hell you want though, It's your money after all
If I were you I would take both your guitars, part them out on E-Bay and from that, even have made a profit, buy a kickass guitar.
I like the ebay idea.

or maybe i could even get like a body that is HSH and convert it to hardtail? like Paul Gilberts? and just keep the neck of my rg 120?

But i think the ebaying and buying a new ibanez string through would be nice.
You can keep your Ibanez the way it is... (keep the floating bridge)
And Install the Tremol-no device. If you haven't heard about it... you can watch this demonstration video.


Basically, its a device that you install in the back of your Trem cabinet, that lets you choose between, "Full Floating Mode" "Dive Only Mode" and "Hard tail" which is awesome. If your in Dive only or Hard tail... you can tune down which is awesome. Watch that video, The.End.

Oh, and heres an installation video


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That tremelo-no actually looks pretty good.

But is it expensive? i can't seem to find a price for it.
yeah that is a lot cheaper than what i thought.

and i serached both of those sites but couldn't find it haha.

i feel dumb now.

but thanks guys.

IMO, routing is the last thing you want to go with a first time mod.
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Yeah Well i Bought some extra springs today and i've had the bridge blocked with just a piece of wood but now i've got 5 springs total in it and its actually not bad at all. SO i don't think i'll be routing anything for a while

Thanks for all the help and all of these replies. But i have just one more question haha.

I think all it needs now is some Dimarzio PAF Pros for the paul gilbert sound.

But i need "F" Spaced pickups right?
You don't NEED them no. It has been disputed in terms of which sound better though. Some prefer one over the other.
Ohh i thought i had to have them since i my guitar has a tremelo.

So either one will work