And I get the feeling that I should change them, except for one thing. They NEVER go out of tune. I usually have to tune once in a month. Sometimes I've gone for a few months without ever needing to return. This is with whammy dives and such. My strings still feel amazing too, and I prefer them to most other guitars that I play. So my question is... whats the deal?
They are old. Change them, trust me.
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You found a set of strings you like, that seems to be the answer to your question. Where did they come from? What brand etc? If you don't know that, on what guitar did they come?
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that bull. you cant do whammy dives without it going out of tune... unless you just cant hear it, or you have a floyd rose or somthing of the sort... but yeah thats nasty change dem strings
While good strings can go probably 2 months, you need to take into account a few things. Number 1, as they rust and wear they start to loose their tone, number 2 they are more likely to break, which can be an issue if you're gigging, and number 3 intonation can start to drift. You should change every month at most. Also, I get the feeling if you're getting months out of them you aren't playing them a lot.
honestly ive found old isnt all bad. some people prefer that tone. i would chenge em but work em back to where u like em.
change them.

either your not playing them


you dont have a good ear for tone.
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