well i have been looking for an acoustic guitar, my budget is like 150-170. i cant really spend a lot, just wanting something to beat around on. i was going to get an applause AA21 until musiciansfriend dropped the price on this guitar package.



it has a hardshell case, built in tuner, and its ibanez. it looks like it might be alright. and it was recently discontinued, which is why the price dropped. lemme know if any of you have played it or anything. thanks.
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Low-end Ibanez acoustics aren't that great. You'll be sick of it before long. If you insist on getting a package(I wouldn't), this one has a better guitar(solid top).
I wouldn't really pay that much attention to the "deal" you might be getting either. I'm a noob, but don't think I've ever seen a guitar being sold at "list price." That's just something to make you feel like you're saving a whole lot of money.
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