Fender Strat, American Made, California Series

The buyer didn't send the money, so here we go again.

$700. plus shipping

This is as close to a '62 re-issue that you can get without spending twice the money. It has the same vintage parts. Many feel that Fender stopped this popular line after only two years because it was hurting their high end sales. Check out over 50 user reviews at Harmony Central.com and see what people who own this guitar say about it compared to their other guitars costing twice the money.

Mine is black with maple fretboard. Excellent condition. Lots of life left in the frets. If you are really particular, you may want to level and crown them, but they are not buzzing. It's a 97.

This has been my favorite guitar since I bought it in 2002, mainly because of the tone. Clear, warm and plenty of bite when needed. My Carvin and my American G&L Legacy mostly hang on the wall now. I am selling this one because I finally found one of these rare California series guitars with a rosewood fretboard. (my personal preference).

My new one didn't have a whammy bar, so I am keeping mine. I bent it to suit my style so you probably would've replaced it anyway. I'll include the plastic molded case. The case has a small quarter-sized hole in the outer case by one of the hinges, that is hardly noticeable.

For more details on this guitar, here's an article from the release in '97.
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