Hey guys I need some help. Have any suggestions on gig bags or cases for a Dean '79 V reissue electric? Problem is cases can be expensive espcially a coffin case, which is why I'm looking for a gig bag perhaps. But I'm still willing to get suggestions for cases. I just got it and it needs a safe place to be placed in when i'm not using it or playing with the strat. Price rage i'm looking for is anywhere from free to 80 bucks. Thanks
Jackson puts out a King V gig bag, so I assume if a King V fits in that, a Dean should be no problem. If not, you might have to end up buying the coffin case. My friend had a problem like that with his old BC Rich Warlock, he was going to sell it, had no gig bag/case, and dropped it on the sidewalk when he was carrying it to his car. Took a few nasty chunks out of the finish on the underside corners.
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ouch..brutal..that must have sucked. Jackson king v gig bag. I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.