I'm need to get my guitar restrung and i was wondering what would be the best strings?

I plan of down tuning . . . ALOT. I usually play in Drop C or Drop B. But i've dropped as far as Drop G on occasion.

I play Doom, Sludge, Stoner, and the occasional Alt rock songs.
Ernie Ball strings is the way to go. I usually use the Regular Slinky, but you might try out other sets to experiment with the style of music you play with. Seriously, Ernie Ball > all.
You should look at hybrid strings:

Ernie Ball:

"Skinny Top Heavy Bottom" goes from 10-52

"Hybrid Slinky" (nickel wound) goes from 9-46

From D'addario:



And DR strings have some too:

Also, if you have a trem, changing your string gauge will mean balancing your trem and frequent use of different tunings and a Floyd Rose-style bridge don't go together very well. If you want to switch tunings a lot, I'd recommend getting a tremol-no (www.tremol-no.com) from www.allparts.com.

But if you don't have one, just ignore the above paragraph.

Also, string tension has to do with your scale length aswell, so if you happen to have a guitar that is not, for instance, Les Paul length, your strings will be a bit tighter, which is what you want when you're tuning low.

For reaching things like drop G you could think about replacing you low E string with a .060 or maybe even a .066.

One word of advise though, when tuning that low you really need a good amplifier or you'll loose a lot of definition and clarity, resulting in your notes sounding like one big, down tuned, mess.

If you love tuning that low, you might want to consider getting a seven string, eight string or baritone guitar.
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hey I have a question, I have a Les Paul and I was thinking of making it like baritone, if possible. I want to put the BEADGB on it and tune it like such. in other words, make my 6 string LP into a seven string with no high E. Can I do this and not **** up my tension, neck, intonation, etc? Does this sound like a horrible idea or a feasible one?
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Elixir string anyone?

They're incredibly expensive and not everyone likes their coating.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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Elixir string anyone?

Both my son and I swear by elixir strings, Angus can ruin a normal set of strings in two days because his sweat is very acidic but the elixir strings last a couple of months. Plus we both like the tone of them
Roto Yellows

Edit: Roto Reds for tuning down far.

OR, if you want something for just dropping the E-string....try GHS' Zakk Wylde strings, which go from .060 to .010
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