What's up with this company Switch? Does anyone know how good/bad their guitars are? I heard that they don't use any wood and instead it's like some plastic-y stuff.

edit: I used the search bar and didn't find anything... so don't hit me with that one.
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They're clever, it's a nice play on words; "Switch Guitars"

Anyways, "Vibracell technology" sounds like Vinyl to me. I don't believe any of it, probably trash. I don't like a guitar I can't play in the sun because it melts.
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From switch website:

"Ebonite transfers the energy from the neck to the body at an extreme high rate of speed and intensity resulting in superior crystal clear harmonics and extraordinary sustain."

WOAH!!!! extreme high rate of speed!!!
Once you get over the fact that it isn't made of wood; you'll notice that they are pretty decent guitars.

Very resonant (the neck and the body are all one piece), and it'll never warp.

Makes a good starter/intermediate guitar.
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I own several Switch Guitars. They are mostly sold on ebay now that the company is out of business. They aren't plastic, they're made of Vibracell. It has the weight of mahogany and it's got great sustain. Since the neck and body are one molded piece, they hold up great. If you live in an area with very low or very high humidity, they dont need to be babied. I love mine, all 4 of them.