Hi there,
Im having the trouble of notes dying a bit early!
Like the song " We Will Rock You" any1 familiar with this will know the beggining note before the solo is very longgggg i cant keep it for half the time.
also big bends that extend all the way up hold and all the way down... mine often die early.
i heard a compressor pedal will extend my notes?
therefore i am looking for one that does not alter my tone to much but does the job?
Any ideas? any price range ill try and ebay it!
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The opening note in that solo is a harmonic correct? That means you should be able to get feedback on it nicely if your amp is loud enough and you're close enough to it. The big bends might be a bit more to do with technique than gear. I dont use a compressor on that solo and it seems to work fine.. then again, i have an awesome amp:-). Anyway if you really want a good compressor the best are rackmount, if you cant afford that i believe Keeley make a good one. If you still cant afford that maybe the MRX?
oh i see ,
maybe thats the problem i have only a AD15VT and i cant play it very loud to be honest.
would a compressor help sustain the notes?
also i thought the opening note on B string fret 9 was just played normally but the volume on the guitar turned up slowly after its been strum to create the effect?
this is just what i read on the internet.
If im wrong please do correct me maybe thats why i cant get it to sound for long?
Thanks allot!
All Wars Are civil Wars ....Because All Men Are Brothers
It could be your amp, i havn't actually tried it on my vox, if i can be bothered moving ill test it for ya. It's a harmonic on the 7th fret on a i think. You slide the volume up as is sustains. I think a compressor will help sustain those notes but not for double the time.. Try it with a harmonic, if it doesn't work a compressor may help. A compressor will help on those big bended notes.
ok brilliant thanks for your help
All Wars Are civil Wars ....Because All Men Are Brothers
thats not bad and especially if you move onto real heavy metal stuff that pedal is really good and if you know your amps are going to be getting better then might aswell buy it now beucase at least then you can see how the compresser mingles with a new amp you will probly get later on and it would help enough also the pedal is a sustainer which is a plus