Bandit 112 i got one and its damn br00tl! seriously though check em out they're great! and also pretty versatile you can get classic rock tones out of it too clean channel aint superb but still does the job
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You can't really go wrong with the high-end Peavey or EVH amps.

The 5150 is supposed to be a metalhead's dream amp, and the 6505 is simply a newer version of that. The XXX has a ton of gain, and I've found the JSX to be great for metal, too. The XXX and JSX are much more versatile than the 5150 or 6505, but they don't have the same crunch as them either.

And the Windsor is great for more classic metal sound. Not quite as gainy, but good tone for 80's metal. The Valve King is good for those on a budget.
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