alright so im kinda a beginner, but im gettin pretty good, nd i need to start savin for a really good guitar that i can use in live gigs that i wont have to have a backup guitar for, i got a jay turser sg with coil over humbuckers, but i need something a little more solid to play with, i also have a stagg starter kit guitar that i have had some work done to, like new output jack, had them rewire everything and had new pick ups put in, but i am in more of a hard rock band, nd i was just wondering what you guys here at UG would recommend for playin some of the hard stuff
im all for the les paul, but they just aint my thing, nd that is why i posted this thread, cuz i needed some advice on what to get, i know i need something off of the assembly line, THAT IS WHY I ASKED WHAT YOU RECOMMENED

never go wrong with that for a intermediate guiatr for gigging
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ibanez? really i didnt think that ibenez would be suited for more of the hard rock, nd metal
Ibanez is considered by many to be THE metal guitars. Get yourself a RG321. Play your hard rock/metal. Have a nice day.
thanks, didnt know that i guess, ive heard of ibanez being somewhat rock, but not metal, see i live in SD nd its uncommon to use an ibanez to play metal with, but i'll check it out thanks
Depending on how much you want to spend, Go with a shecter hellraiser series(any of them, they all have EMG's in them) or go with a Gibson SG-3, that thing looks and sounds awesome(especially the black and gold one)
i have never heard of a shecter (sorry) but the gibson sg would be nice, im kinda a fan of sg's i'll have to check out schecter my dream guitar is the gibson angus young signature sg i'll take a peak at shecter thanks dude