What is the overall impression of these. For the money, It seems like they are a great buy, but I am wondering what UG thinks of them in general? Lets say its for someone who wants a tube amp, but simply cannot afford one.
I was looking at this too for a bit.
It'd probably be better than a line6 spider.
But... behringer is legendary for making junk, so let the buyer beware!
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I don't like them. A friend's bandmate has one. It's pretty much like a Spider, same lack of warmth and dynamics, but judging from Behringer's track record, probably less reliable.

Just so you know, the LX210 and LX112 combos' prices put you in the range of some great 5 watt tube amps. Save up a bit more, and you can reach the level of some 15 watt tube amps - which would be good enough for band usage.