First this is what im planning on doing to my strat once I get it. New pickguard + black accessory kit.

Will this pickguard fit on a MIM strat?

What do you use to clean a maple fretboard?

I want to get a new bridge pickup for it, id like it to be black. But im not sure what one to get. I play alot of pop punk like Blink 182 and alot of RHCP and Incubus type stuff.

I plan on ordering a Boss DS-1, Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive and a Danelectro Fab Chorus. What would be the best cables to connect them with that arent very expensive? What order should they go in once I get them?

What wah pedal under $100 would be right for me? I will be using it with the gear listed above + either a Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Blues Jr maybe a Roland Cube 30
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pickguards as far as i know are all the same for the strats. only difference is 50's strats are single ply where as the later models have 3 or 4 layers. they all fit. 50's era strats (reissues included) have less screws then the newer ones also. but thats it.

as for the distortion pedal, i'd check out the distortion III from mxr. i had it for about 2 weeks and loved it. but i took it back because i dont really need it and bought a phase 90 instead. its more of an overdrive pedal kinda like the ts808 except the gain would go to 12
i used to have a ds-1, was my first pedal actually. i ended up selling it and bought a dyna comp. i tried the ds-1 again along with the distortion III and theres no comparison. the mxr dIII is much better, but more expensive. the ds-1 sounded thin to me. even though the ds-1 is good, i'd check out some other pedals if you're willing to spend more. possibly a big muff, or a proco rat 2 and have 1 overdrive/distortion pedal which is plenty rather then 2.

as for the wah get a cry baby, thats about your safest bet. morley makes good wah's also but not everyone likes them
yes that would fit on your strat, as for pickups i dont play that kind of stuff but look up seymour duncan and dimarzio as they make high quality pickups.

as for the cables, it doesnt really matter (well to me of course) but there are planet waves connector patch cables that aren't actually a cable (if that makes sense) so there isnt any signal loss.

guitar -> Distortion -> od -> Chorus -> amp

and the wah pedal... try and get a vox one second hand or something, again i dont play the same music as you so im not sure what wahs are good for it, but a vox should be good.
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what do you think of your boss sd-1 and your roland cube 30x? Ive been looking at both, I dont have the money for the tube amp I want and it seems nice and is priced well.
tbh i dont use my sd-1, mainly because i have an eq for solos, but it has good reviews and ill use it once i get a tube amp... Yeah the cubes great, an awesome amp actually. But if you have another small amp you might as well save up for a massive full stack
Sigs are too hard to think up