I really want to get lime wire because I had it on my old computer and there was so much stuff on it but im not sure if I want to get it again because last time I had tones of viruses but im not sure if they were all caused by limewire. so is it worth getting or do i have to stick with crappy soulseek
yes you should.
no you shouldnt.
its your computer.
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more organized, easier searching engines, built in web browser, audio, video player (certain formats only; codec pack neccesary for somevids)

in fact, im on UG through the built in browser

check it out ist free too

just goofgle Free ARes or whatever
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I clicked System Restore and it said "System Restore Is Unable To Protect You".

Try to use torrents if you can. If you are looking to download music, you can download whole albums at once. Try looking into the programs uTorrent, bittorrent, azurez, ect.

isohunt.com is a good free place for torrents. For places like demonoid.com you need invited there. So far ive been unsuccessful at recieving an invite for it but if you can get demonoid, i guess its better? lol.
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free > like AUD$30 an album (i think anyways xD)

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