Hi All,

I'm hoping somebody can help me, although it may be a bit of a long shot because I took it into the store (Long and McQuade) and told them what was wrong with it when I took it in for my free 1-year check-up thing and they said "Oh yeah, no problem" and didn't manage to fix it.

Anyways, the guitar makes a very noticable buzzing noise when it is not plugged into the amp (it does it while plugged in to, but its harder to notice since the amp is loud of course). The buzzing only occurs on a range of about three frets on the same string at any given time, but which notes change from time to time, sometimes it doesn't buzz at all, sometimes it is VERY bad. The notes that usually give me trouble are the second largest string and about the 3rd-5th frets down. The buzz comes from (I believe) the top-most pick-up on the guitar, because while it is buzzing if i stop and touch it i can feel it vibrating and if i apply any pressure the vibrating stops and the buzzing stops.

The buzz occurs when I play one a certain string on a few certain frets. The buzzing noise is coming from a pick-up. sorry if that was confusing before

Obviously I have checked the obvious things like for loose screws or something stuck in there but haven't found the problem yet. Its not the strings because I had put my own strings on (did an okay job I believe) but thought that was the problem, so scrapped them and had my guitarist friend put on nice new ones.

Some details if they are relevant:
My guitar is a Godin, it says "Freeway Classic" on the "top" (lol I'm not very guitar literate... yet)
The pickup that seems to be giving me trouble says GHN1 on it (if that means anything to anybody)

If anybody could shed any light on what is causing this major annoyance I would be very, very happy. If you have advice or questions for me you can post here or just email me at furiousd_88@hotmail.com.

Thank You.
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How do you get buzz when the guitar isn't even plugged in? I don't get it. You said it occurs on frets, but then you said its on a pickup.

Are you talking about fret buzz? Like, the strings are hitting the fretboard and making a ringing sound and makes your notes sound all crappy around the 5th fret?

Or what man? I'm not sure whats going on.
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it could be a few things. its either the bridge or the neck. check if ur intonation is ok (when tuning it, does pressing the 5th fret on the E really give u an A?), if it is, then its the neck. if the intonation is off, try adjusting the bridge to where the intonation is good and see if it still buzzes, if it does, its still the neck. i would get the set up by a pro, dont mess with the neck if u dont kno what ur doing.
The problem isn't "fret-buzz" if I understand the term. I had that problem before, got my friend to fix the "action" and that took care of it quite well. The buzz does definetely not come from the neck of the guitar, it comes from the bottom part.

as for xxunder-takerxx's response, the when I hold down the 5th fret on the first string it gives me almost exactly an A according to the tuner so that seems in check.
If your friend adjusted the action too high or too low, it may have slightly warped your neck. Get a straightedge like a ruler or a level, and put it on the fretboard and see if there is bow or a hump in the neck. If the neck is warped, it's probably fret buzz again (it can be caused by more than just your action).
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I checked the neck just now with a ruler, from what I can see it doesn't seem like theres any bends or anything. Also that is one of the things that long & mcquade said they would fix for me.
is your string hitting the pickup?

or something with your bridge is screwed up.
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