what weird things do u do sub-consciously when you play the guitar? i bang my teeth together when i play but i only found this out when i got braces and my teeth hurt like all hell and i played guitar and yea u can guess the rest. so yea, what kind of weird things do u do when u play?
Even when its off, I still move the wah pedal up and down by habbit.

I'll drool if my mouth is open and i'm looking down and I'm hella in the zone, spaced out. Gross. Probably why most artists hold their head up.

I grind my teeth too.

I move my mouth with the music, too.
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I used to clench my teeth very hard and I never noticed until I stopped playing. I'd play like a song for 4 minutes and I finish and I realize my jaw hurts like crap.

Nowadays, I've noticed I like to bob my knees to the music.
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I used to clench my teeth very hard and I never noticed until I stopped playing. I'd play like a song for 4 minutes and I finish and I realize my jaw hurts like crap.

I used to do that do. If I sit down and play without a strap I move my head really close to the guitar.
I stick my tongue out like I'm thinking really hard, or I bite my bottom lip. I do that whenever I'm really concentrating though.
i always have my mouth open. its weird. not wide open, but not closed.
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when i use a wah pedal i also make the sound with my mouth lol
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when i use a wah pedal i also make the sound with my mouth lol

guilty as well! haha I think most guitarist do this
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There are lots of weird things I do. One is that I bit my lip sometimes, another is that I'll tense up the muscles in my neck. The creepiest thing I do is stare at people. I'll be playing not looking at the neck, and I'll just absent-mindedly start giving people death stares, and it freaks them out because I always look like I'm pissed off, even when I'm not. Like I'll be playing something realyy soothing and smooth sounding, and I'll just be drilling hole through them with my eyes.


i stare sometimes soo i dont like to face chicks while sitting down and playing beucase ill stare......im not kidding you and i know someone that has there bottom lip like try to stick out when there playing someting a bit hard
I knew a guy who would clench his jaw and you could see all the muscles in his face going really wierd.

My mate has a tendency to close his mouth when he's playing low notes but as he plays higher his mouth slowly opens. It's hilarious to watch. so if he's going up and down the fretboard you can just watch his mouth open and close. Pure genius.

I just look like i'm concentrating really hard and if I stand up and play, I sway "like a suicide panda". I do that when I do vocals aswell.
Man I open my mouth wider when hitting high notes to, its really weird i cant help it. My lip use to quiver alot when i first started
apperently, i look like im banging a woman when i play guitar. i never noticed it myself until my female friend said me playing was a turn on of some sort..............i say its a good thing, but its still make me feel stupid when i catch myself....
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when im playing stuff thats really hard rock i tend to bob my head to the side a bit and bite my lip and say im playing on the 1st fret my head will lean to the left if im playing down on the 12th fret say i bob my head to the right.
I make wierd faces and get tunnel vision. Just yearstoday I was soloing and my brother and his friends started saying "ooh yeah, that's awesome, how long have you been playing?" and I just kept playing. I didn't realise they talked to me before I put the guitar back Also when I play with a wah pedal my mouth opens with the notes and the wah effect. Just like Steve Vai and John Petrucci.

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what is a solo?
I move my mouth to the wah and make the noise and when I'm doing a solo I pull wierd faces
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