Ok, I'm in a punk rock band. We've got 4 guys, here's our set-up:

Me(bassist) - looking for a new amp
Rhythym guitarist - 100 SS watt amp
Lead guitarist - 120 SS watt amp
Drums - plays about as loud as an average punk rock drummer, has the bass drum mic'd

Well, im on a budget, and I need a new amp...id like to have 300 watts. Here's a deal i saw, and I was wondering if you guys think it'd be a good option for me:


If it is a good option, please say so. If not, please say so as well...and be honest :P. Also, if you have the time or just want to help out a fellow bassist, please leave tell me another 300 watt amp i could get with a budget of about $400 (including shipping).

Thanks in advance!
Hmmm keep away from beringher

a guitar and amp repairer i know summed them up the best way i'd ever heard today, "mobile phones pretending to be amplifiers"
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hey. i have that amp but with the aluminium cone. i find its a nice amp. but i wouldnt suggest it if you carry it around a lot.

The Ultrabass setting on it is a bit useless. (i dont like it) and it really sounds fake. (sometimes when u hit a note, it cuts out and back on again)

Ive owned my amp for about a year or more and its been good. the EQ helps a lot. you can get a good sound out of it and its had no problems. it will definately overpower them all LOL. the distortion sounds pretty good aswell. if you have active pups, pump them to get the real distorted sound and its flexible aswell. you have the EQ and on the second channel, you have the shape aswell. i usually have shape all the way up and the trebles maxed on my amp. u get a really full, insane distortion. it will also go as a guitar amp well if you also do that.

Anyways. i would suggest it. but not if you dont jam or gig a lot. i dont and i find it too overkill. (need to downsize)

Hope this helped.
Stay away from Behringer... It might seem cheap at first but you'll be regretting it after about 6 months of playing.
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