Ok, so I clipped the r28 transistor but didn't touch the C11 or C12. Sounds great and a lot more smooth. I'm really happy so far. Not as aggressive sound and a nice smooth phase effect. Now my question is as follows:

Is it necessary to clip the C11 and C12? Will it add more smoothness and less clipping in sound? I'm asking this because I've seen some posts about people clipping all 3 and not liking the results or messing up the pedal. Then I read one where you have to readjust something if you clip C11 and C12 also not sure. Anyways, just curious before I go further and start cutting more transistors Such as will C11 and C12 only give me minimal results, where as the r28 does the most etc and so on.
you still have clipping in your sound?

and C11 and C12 are capacitors. not transistors. if u cut the JFET transistors inside, uh... it won't work.

after R28, u shouldn't have much clipping unless ur loading it with SUCH a signal. turn down ur input volume before the phaser. u shouldn't need to cut ur C11,12 though.
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I clipped the c11 and c12 and personally i think it's great, removes a lot of the mid and volume boost. It makes the effect much more subtle which some people don't like. Try to find some sound clips of it to see how it sounds. I'd make you some clips but i cracked the pot in mine and i still havn't got a new one
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ok thanks thats what i wanted to hear. i dont want it too subtle. but i found the phase 90 as i bought it way too aggressive in its sound. not that it sounded like a flanger but you know what i mean. i'm happy with just cutting the r28 so i'll leave it at that. thanks for the help